Admission to Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum + Meal Package

【関ケ原町】Admission to Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum + Meal Package

This package includes admission to the Armor Museum, where you can see real armor used during the period up close, with an English-speaking guide, as well as a meal and dessert.
Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum: The authentic armor worn by everyone from foot soldiers to commanders who lived through the Sengoku period will give you a clear picture of history and is a must-see for enthusiasts. The exhibits focus on historical armor, soldiers’ hats, weapons, lacquered boxes carried in feudal processions, helmets, and more and are well worth a look. The depictions make an even greater impression here in Sekigahara, where the decisive battle was fought.
You can also enjoy an excellent Sengoku Armor Museum meal and dessert.

Tour fee (per person)

Adults 4200
High school students and above
Student 4000
Elementary school students, junior high school students
Childs 3700
younger than school age

※Free admission for children below school age who do not require a meal
所要時間 Approx. 90 minutes (English tour + meal)
設定期間 April, 2024 – March, 2025





Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum
Admission to Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum + English-speaking guide + lunch (Ashigaru Set Meal with drink and dessert)

Period Weekdays April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025
Excepted day Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, April 29-May 5, August 10-15, December 25-January 5
Set times Meal start time: (1) 11:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 13:00 (4) 14:00 *Advance reservation required
Included in the tour fee ・Admission to Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum + fee for English-speaking guide
・Lunch fee (Ashigaru Set Meal with drink and dessert)
Minimum number of guests per party 2
Maximum total number of guests 8
Reservation deadline By 17:00 of 5 days before
Place Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum
Address: 950-2 Sekigahara, Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa District, Gifu Business Hours: 10:00-17:00
TEL: 0584-51-5552
Parking lot: None (approx. 2 minutes on foot from Gifu Sekigahara Ancient Battlefield Memorial Museum)
集合場所MAP Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum
  • Choose the meal start time before making your reservation.
  • Meet 10 minutes before the meal start time.
  • Check in after arriving at the restaurant by telling the restaurant staff the name of the person who made the reservation.
  • A staff member of Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum will give you an English tour of the museum (approx. 30 minutes) either before or after your meal.
  • There is no parking lot at Sekigahara Sengoku Armor Museum. (Please use nearby parking.)
  • The Ashigaru Set Meal for lunch is a daily special, so the content of the meal differs depending on the day.
  • After completing the application online, we will send you an "Reception Completion Information" email (automatically sent). Please be sure to check the contents of the email.

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